The article I have linked to this post appeared in Fast Company (11.20.13) in their online Futurist Forum.  The article, “Why Predicting Trends Doesn’t Help Prepare for you for the Future” provides the reader with a good sense of how and what trends really are. They are something we see today or in the past. According to the Spencer, trends are not linear. In fact looking at the future as a manifestation of a past trend line would be a mistake. Read this article and you will look at trends in a different way.

Frank Spencer has been on the forefront of Futures work for a long time. Frank is a published author and prolific speaker, having delivered presentations and workshops around the globe. He holds an MA in Strategic Foresight from Regent University. With a strong background in both business and academic foresight, Frank was the creator and lead instructor of The Futures Institute: Shaping The Future Now at the Duke University Talent Identification Program Institute (2010, 2011). He has worked on Strategic Foresight projects for companies such as Kraft, Mars, and Marriott. Frank also led the effort to establish Strategic Foresight as a leadership competency across The Walt Disney Company, training over 300 employees across the globe. In his current role, Frank is the Principal and Creative Director at Kedge, a global foresight, innovation, creativity, and strategic design firm.

I met Frank and his business partner Yvette Montero Salvatico the Kedge Futures School. There, they work to teach and educate people on the process and value of Strategic Foresight and that effort was not lost on this economic developer.

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