Artificial Intelligence (AI). Everyone is doing it. It’s coming on fast. It is a force to be reckoned with. The thought of an algorithm making decisions perhaps, on your behalf is daunting. But is that really what will happen? We are all aware of how IBM’s Watson beat the smartest people on the popular game show Jeopardy. Is that true AI? The implications of that event are entertaining at the least but what does AI really mean for the future of humanity? One way to understand AI is through foresight analysis. Contemplating the outcomes of scenarios that include the use of artificial intelligence can be made through the discipline and process of foresight analysis.

This recent article in WIRED online was a fascinating interview with French President Emmanuel Marcon. It looks as though this guy has actually spent some time thinking about AI and how it might impact the future of France and Europe as a whole. Intentional AI research is a goal of Marcon’s and the  French government. He sees that there are some real opportunities, however, he also sees some issues and danger particularly in the area of warfare

It’s good to see some leaders are thinking of the future and not just the past.

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