What is this?

In 2005 I learned about the liberating and creative outlet of blogging. While I wasn’t sure this was something I thought I could to do, I always thought I had something to say, and say it I did. Blogging and expressing one’s views in its many forms has come a long way in the past decade and now there are many ways, such as podcasting, vblogging, and other forms smart people use, but for now, I am going to stick to the written word.  I hope this works for you and you and let me know what you think.


People like me have an opinion about everything, ask my family and friends. I will try to keep it to some things that might actually garner an audience. Here are some topics that interest me, and hopefully interest you:

  • The Future-– We can never predict the future, but we can plan it and with diligence, we can see it through. I hope to spend a lot of time talking about how organizations, businesses, communities, and how you the reader can create and manage a customized future for yourself, a Bespoke Future. This covers a lot of ground…
  • Economic Development — I know, for most of you this may not mean much, but in my chosen profession, I have some things to say that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Hopefully, for those of you I see at every professional meeting, I hope you engage.
  • Technology — No gadget reviews here. A discussion of technology and its impact on the future will be the topic of my posts here.
  • Culture — I am not a social-cultural critic…ok maybe I am. But arent’ we all? What does the future hold for our culture(s)? Seen through the lens of technology, economics, environment and politics you may find me commenting here.
  • Books — I like to read. Usually a mix of fiction, history, biography, self-help, politics, culture and sometimes topics that sway towards the esoteric.
  • Other opinions and blog posts from people I respect — When I read something I like, I promise to share it here.

Promise to write back, won’t you?


Disclaimer and what this is not:

Everything you read here is my personal opinion. The opinions expressed here are not the official position or opinion of my employer the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership. Please don’t take something I write here out of context or turn it into your game to show everyone how unsavory a person you think I am. Keep it real. If you have an opinion, let’s have a rational but spirited discussion on these pages. Anything less would be stooping low. Unreal.